Our Employees

Pat McCulloch - Network Engineer

Pat established Computer Trends over 15 years ago. He has a degree in Computer Management accompanied by many certifications, including: CompTIA Security +2008, INFOSEC Assessment Methodology, Information Assurance Security Office, and Cisco Network Security (CCNA). Pat has also successfully completed training in the Vulnerability Assessment Program, Network System Survivability Program, Computer Network Defense, Information Operations 101, and System Administrator/Network Manager Security.

Derek Tokosh - Systems Administrator

 Derek has an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Business for Computer Networking from Bradford School in Pittsburgh. He has an A+ certification as well as being a Certified IBM Storage Specialist, a Certified Dell Hardware Technician, and a Certified Lenovo product technician. He has more than 7 years experience in Information Technology and more than 4 years experience as a Dell SonicWall administrator.

Zach Del Pinto - Network Administrator   

Zach has a degree in Information Technology/Network Administration and Security. He is also knowledgable in  current wireless technologies.

Amanda Jacobs - Office Manager

Amanda has been with Computer Trends since 2010. She has a degree in Accounting. She has had ample training in QuickBooks. Amanda is also certified in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.